Sunday, July 12, 2015

A conversation with macaroni

Tater's favorite video these days is Yo Gabba Gabba! So she has been singing the party in my tummy song, and at dinner tonight, she had an interesting conversation with the macaroni on her plate.
T: You cooled down? Ok, come to the party in my tummy!
Macaroni (voiced by T): Oh it's so fun!
T: (to the next forkful) Well, you are sick, so you can't come to the party. You better go home and rest. Get well soon, ok? (10s pass) Oh you all better now, come to the party!
M: It's so fun!

Tater now prefers pulling her lovies in the wagon or pushing them in the stroller. She stops every few yards to readjust their seat belts or to soothe them because they are crying.

I took my trio to the library (which is always a mistake), and they had all earned prizes for the summer reading program. They chose kids' meal coupons from a binder, then the librarian turned away to pull the actual coupons from a drawer. When her back was turned, Spork eagerly asked me, "Her makin' da chicken now?"

I took the littles and some friends on a little nature trek on campus this week. We stopped to appreciate a statue of the holy family up close and personal. Spork was determined to, "touch the baby's toes," then declared it, "Dis my most favorite statue ever. It da best of all!"

A friend recently shared a Pinterest painting idea with me.  The idea was to have the children swing on their bellies with paint brushes in hand and sweep the paint onto flattened cardboard boxes.  The Nugget had to put his own spin on it and instead performed Cirque du Soleil worthy spinning/upside down/backwards painting.  Luckily, he had neglected to remove his bike helmet after a recent ride, so at least the noggin was protected. I love his creativity in messy action.

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