Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Nugget is 8!

Dear Nugget,

You are a most astounding and interesting child.  You see the world uniquely and respond to it in kind.  You are Peter Pan, Eloise, and Bill Nye the Science Guy all rolled into one.  The world tells you to check one box; you laugh and check them all, because life isn't about coloring inside the lines but playing connect the dots.  You have an insatiable desire to know how things work and what makes people tick.  You want to be a teacher, a pilot, a farmer, the worker of a printing press, a daddy, and the proud owner of 3 whippets and dozens of cats when you grow up.  It's a little hard to imagine you growing up, because you are so good at living in the moment.

Spending time at the farm with your friends was the perfect way to celebrate you.  We love you, our fearless leader!

Love, Mommy


As the Nugget has grown, he has asked for a bit more media privacy.  I will still be happy to share photos and anecdotes, but he is the solo author of his own story.

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