Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

What a belated blog post, haha!  Here are the littles on their way to the gymnastics Halloween party (ages 2-5, otherwise the Nugget would have joined in too).

  And some requisite pumpkin photos.  Boring grown-up pumpkins, Daddy's totally uncarved due to the gymnastics party.

The boys' pumpkins.  Poor Tater could not stop bowling with her pumpkin so of course it bruised and rotted before Halloween.  She didn't really care though, so I was lazy and didn't make an emergency trip to the grocery store.

We have such a fabulous neighborhood for trick-or-treat, and the Nugget's best friends this year happen to live here too!  We had the families over for pizza and memorable trick or treat!  Tater's favorite part was, "The horse head gave us candy!"

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