Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December's End

It was a memorably warm Christmas.  So warm, in fact, that Tater got to test out her new roller skates...outside!  I spent most of Christmas afternoon walking behind this blissful child in rainbow pants, as she stuffed my pockets full of "beautiful leaves for Daddy" and told me the latest preschool gossip.

The day after Christmas, we left for a celebration of my sister and her new husband!  Pictures of that happy event to come. But for now, the Nugget discovered a new future career - hibachi chef.  He also loved playing air hockey with cousin Cabbage and anyone else willing!

 Spork spent hours in this ball pit at the science center.  He immediately went to the oldest boy in the pit as if reporting for duty on a construction site, "What we doin?  What I can do??!"  The foreman put him to work cranking the wheel while the others filled buckets on the conveyor belt.

Tater discovered the delight of ice cream made with liquid Nitrogen, though was temporarily traumatized by the scientist/educator joking that she was going to eat it all.  Most of her tears had dried by the time I snapped this picture ;)  She was similarly thrilled with the ball pit, especially the suction tubes that carried the balls upward to the giant scoop overhead.  She fled the pit before the scoop dumped each time, giggling maniacally.

And our Nugget was so overjoyed by everything the science center had to offer, that he would have very happily moved in.  He settled for a membership, so we are sure to come back on our next visit.

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