Thursday, December 3, 2015

Out in Public


"I want to be out in public."

"I hope someday I get to be a celebrity."

I am sensing a theme here.


Inspired by Wild Kratts, Spork clapped a plastic Fisher Price record to his chest, shouted, "Beaver Power!!" and took an impressive sideways leap, landing on the floor, but unhurt!

S: Will you read me Diego?
M:  Yes, sweetie.  Just one second while I finish this task.
S: I not "Sweetie, I Spork J!"

(Giving a tutorial to our newest 4yo) "You gonna be four, so I gonna teach you how to show four on your finguhs.  You hold dem all up like this.  Now you tuck your fumb in like this.  Yeah!  You got it!"


"When are we going to go eggin' huntin'?"

Tater handed me a piece of wooden toast, but when I pretended to eat it, she shrieked, "It's not for you, it's for the leprechauns!" (Totally out of the blue.)

(giving voice to a toy horse) "I don't want to run in the race, it's too strenuous!"

 On our way to deliver a meal for a family with a newborn baby, Tater asked, "What is the new baby's name?  Is it Vanillapede?!"

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