Saturday, December 19, 2015

Santa House 2015

Back downtown today for the usual Christmas festivities!  We had a dusting of snow this morning, but it was gone by the time we headed for the Santa House.  First stop, a photo of the Nugget with his school tree.  The children made the decorations (finger crochet chains and perler bead ornaments), which gave it a nice happy hippie vibe.  

Tater started doing this funny faux shy face for group photos, so I had to go behind Daddy and give him antlers and other silly things to make her crack a smile.  Might have overdone it a little for Spork though.  And the Nugget needs a haircut.  Oh well!

 Spork ran into a buddy, and they immediately started running in circles.  We rode the trolley (now a full sized bus so not as photogenic), and did take pics, but they were all blurry.


 Cookie decorating, balloons, and electric trains inside.  Tater could not resist trying to touch the electric trains, so Daddy had to take her next door to play.  The boys stayed enthralled with the trains for nearly an hour. The "engineer" had them spot Santa and his reindeer to win a shiny new marble.

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