Sunday, December 13, 2015

Warm and Cozy

We've enjoyed a very mild December so far.  We have had tundra-like winters as of late, so it's a pleasant exchange.  Some of our more recent adventures included:

Jan Brett illlustration demo!

 Cookie decorating with friends

This boy helped with the tree, like really helped this year, not just the "getting in the way and causing extra work" that we parents generously dub helping for our younger folks.  He also gave me a helpful albeit odd statement about ornaments that sounded as if it were taken from a Christmas textbook or an old documentary. "Ornaments don't have to be glass balls.  They can be wood, fabric, or any material.  They can be different shapes and sizes."

We've been ice skating as a family, twice so far this winter.  Spork is also getting lessons through preschool, so he's gaining independence from the skate aid. "I not need da green thing."

We decorated our gingerbread house.  Last year, I got cocky and bought a "some assembly required house", but as it turned into the gingerbread house of despair as rooftops and walls kept tumbling down, I went prefab, and it was indeed fab.  I reminded the children that decorating the house was actually a practice in peace and cooperation skills.  I think no tears were shed during the creation of the house this year, so we are all learning together!

The Nugget had his choir concert.  Always a head above his peers, so he's easy to spot.  I spent a lot of my childhood as a sidelines sibling, so I like to snap pictures of my little tagalongs too.  Here, Spork waits for the concert to start with some little rubber rodent buddies.

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