Monday, January 25, 2016

Is it baff night?

Spork often asks if it's bath night, his ulterior motive being the video that Tater gets to watch when I comb her hair. Unsurprising, he asked, "We got baffs tonight?" When I replied in the affirmative, he said, "Dat's good, cuz I got da itchy back."  Is it just me or does that stray "the/da" make it sound like a contagious affliction?

During Spork's typical playing aloud with guys, I overheard the tail end of a simile! "Dat's like sunshine on a cowboy!" I never found out what's like sunshine on a cowboy, and he didn't repeat it, but I find it works in just about any situation.

I tease Hubby sometimes about being Captain Obvious. He sometimes starts conversations with a random observation like, "You're washing dishes, huh?" Well, Spork is his Mini Captain Obvious. Hubby's keys fell out of his pocket and clattered loudly to the floor. As he stooped to pick them up, Spork helpfully pointed out, "You dwopped your keys." When Tater dances on the table (her favorite rule to break) at dinner and I'm trying to get her down, Spork likes to loudly observe, "Sissy's on da taaaaaaaable."

The Nugget and I love to bake together. We usually speak with ridiculously exaggerated French accents while we bake, just because. Tonight, he looked at me seriously over our banana muffin batter and asked, "Mom, can you please talk in your normal voice?" Knife to the heart, Nugget, knife to the heart.  (He made up for it by discovering a stash of leftover pink mustaches and immediately pairing them with his glittery top hat.)

Hubby sang in a choir during college, and we have a few cds he helped record.  Tater requests them often in the car on the way to school and sometimes for her bedtime lullaby too.  She has memorized her favorite one and offers to put on her own home concerts.  "It's time for my concert!  First I will sing, 'I Have Been Anointed', then I will sing 'Poo Poo Doody'.  Diversification is key.

Tater lately prefers to dress herself, and her choice is usually a formal dress.  I've been trying to stock her closet with cute, comfy, machine-washable knit dresses as a compromise, but apparently they don't have the same pull as layers of tulle, satin, and velvet.  I also had to sneak away her now-too-small fancy dress shoes in the dead of night, because she is so darn attached to them.  Also, Daddy keeps letting her wear them to school with sweatpants, which is slightly mortifying.  She is taking great solace in her plastic Elsa heels and glitter flip flops.

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