Monday, January 11, 2016

Spork's Dinosaur Valentines 2016

Quick, cheap, and easy, but's a tutorial for Spork's dinosaur valentines!  Ingredients: baker's twine and dino erasers (from Target dollar spot), a few sheets of white cardstock,  a push pin, a knitting needle, and scissors.

Step 1: Make two columns on your Word doc.  Type "You are dino-mite! XOXO, Spork" and copy/paste so your text is on every fourth of the page.  Print on cardstock.  Cut with paper cutter.

 Step 2: Center your dinosaur on the valentine and mark the center of the back and belly with your push pin. When you need to make a hole where a hole puncher won't reach, this is an easy hack!

Step 3: Using a knitting needle on the back of the card, widen your holes.  It's ok if the paper looks messy, the dino will cover it.

Step 4: Cut a piece of baker's twine and thread it through the holes around the dino.  Tie in a double knot, then a bow to secure.

Enjoy your cute little herd of dinos!

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