Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break with the Nugget

Tater and Spork's school stays open, but the Nugget and I got to take a weeklong spring break.  The budget was tight, so we managed some frugal fun!

Day 1: Playdate and homemade cookies!  I got so much accomplished while the Nugget had a friend over to play.  It was great to hear the sounds of Playmobil, Pokemon, and air hockey while I scrubbed the bathroom and returned phone calls.

Day 2: Roadtrip!  We checked out this great new indoor playspace with Aunt A and Gramsie.  It had an amazing 3 story playscape that made photos nearly impossible as the children rocketed through the obstacle course behind mesh panels, but I caught some cute b-ball shots! Yummy lunch at Tom + Chee, some downtime at Aunt A's park, and back home.

Day 3: Rainy day fun!  Lazy breakfast, painting project ($3 kit from Target dollar spot), lunch date, bowling!  We get free bowling passes when our kids attend birthday parties at the local alley - what a deal!  Do your kids always beg to waste your money for arcade games?  I put them in the category of, "You can, but you have to spend your own money." 

Day 4: The Nugget's buddy D took him to Sky Zone, then he had choir in the afternoon.

Day 5: Ag Days with old friends Nucas and Dawa, K&K. "Just like olden times," we mamas joke.  It was kind of a bizarre flashback for me, since the little ones were still in school.

Day 6:  Lowe's birdfeeder workshop!  If you haven't heard about these, both Lowe's and Home Depot offer free children's workshops, and we love them.  I used to help the Nugget hold the hammer and now he can unwrap the kit and assemble on his own.  Tater and Spork got their turn at Ag Days in the afternoon while Daddy and the Nugget did Snap Circuits at home.

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