Sunday, April 24, 2016

Watch out for wedgeables

We were enjoying chicken chili one evening, when Spork spied that Daddy's bowl had cilantro in it.  He shouted, "Daddy!  Dere some gween stuff hidin' under your chips!"  Daddy reassured him that he wanted the cilantro, but he continued to eyeball it suspiciously and then double checked his own soup to make sure I hadn't snuck any "wedgeables" into his.

Spork started t-ball this week and is very delighted with his new sport.  I warned him there would be quite a lot of waiting for his turn, but he did really well with patience and personal space and seems to have a good arm on him.  I worried that Tater and the Nugget might feel regret about not choosing to play but they were blissfully happy spectators from the comfort of the playground.  Of course, the first day was in the 60's and sunny; we will likely all have different feelings when the temp creeps over 80, it's past everyone's bedtime, and we're at the ballpark for the 25th time.  But for now, t-ball is a win all around!

At parent-teacher conferences, Spork was described as, "Couldn't get more creative if he tried."  He spends most of his school hours in dramatic play, and when the teacher brought a leopard print jumpsuit with shiny pants and fur cuffs, he immediately put it on and said, "Miss L, this so beautiful.  And I'm so beautiful."  He is doing so well, and I am so grateful for his teachers.

I have been making more of a mindful effort to tell Spork that I love him often.  I'm in a constant state of driving, food prep, cleaning, and laundry, I realized that I am not getting those important words out to the kids nearly enough.  Anyway, I guess it's overrated, because Spork sighs and replies, "Mommy, I don't like that."  Ornery boy!

The Nugget is rocketing through 2nd grade.  He was recently bold enough to tap dance in front of the school for Open Mic!  He can't wait for his tap recital and choir concert.  When Tater said, "I don't think I would want to go up there (on stage)," the Nugget replied, "Oh, you would be nervous but I think you might find after your first performance, you become addicted to the stage!" 

Tater has a new bedtime routine with Daddy.  She has him give her a Hippo Kiss, a Giraffe Kiss, and now a Gorilla Kiss.  She came up with the silly sounds and gestures that go with each one, and she goes to sleep with a giggle on her lips.  She and Spork swapped early bird shifts this year, and now she is the first child down the stairs.  She was sneaking down like a ninja, helping herself to yogurt and entertaining herself silently for months.  Now that the sunshine is up with her, she tiptoes downstairs, then starts belting out the Notre Dame Victory March at 6:30am.  Go Irish!

Tater and Spork came out to dinner at a local pizza parlor, and they were amazed when the server set down the double decker pizza tower at the table.  Tater exclaimed, "Oh! My! Gosh!" in the loudest cutest voice, that everyone laughed and turned around to see her face and the server mused that they should put the two of them in a commercial for the restaurant.

Tater is starting to have definite opinions about fashion.  She likes to go through at least 2 wardrobe changes a day, which is wreaking havoc with the laundry.  At least her clothes are tiny.  She likes to know the history of each piece, "Who buyed me this shirt, Mommy?"  She is very proud to wear cousin Cabbage's hand-me downs and a few special pieces from big brothers too, but also gets an awed look when she finds something that Grammy or I bought just for her!  

At parent-teacher conferences, she was described as kind, friendly, helpful, and spunky!

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