Friday, May 20, 2016

Picnics for T-Ball

We spend 2 days a week at the ballpark during t-ball season.  In the interest of eating healthier and saving money, I have been making a big effort to pack picnics instead of hitting the drive-thru or concession stand.  The kids have been happy with salami, cheese, crackers/bread, and fruit or I switch it up for PB&J.  Here are some salads I've been making for Hubby and me.  Not that the kids aren't welcome to eat the gourmet salads, but the sight of greens makes them run!

Orzo Salad - Hubby's favorite
halved grape tomatoes
1 pack feta
shredded basil
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
salt & pepper
1T sugar

Autumn Chopped Salad - in any season, this is so, so good.  A crowd pleaser for sure, I like to bring it when I'm feeding groups of women.

Spring Pasta Salad - this was arguably more delicious hot, a little "meh" when chilled.

Lemon Ricotta Chicken Salad

Thai Chicken Salad - best made the night before, as to let the flavors marry and the cook forget the smell of the fish sauce straight out of the bottle.  We can't get the green papaya nor the peppers she mentioned, so I use a big Anaheim pepper and 1T chili garlic sauce to compensate for the loss of spice, still amazingly delicious!

Next up,
Greek Pasta Salad
Layer Salad - for nostalgia and the love of bacon
Caprese Salad - you need a baguette and some good dipping oil to go with it!
SW Chicken Chopped Salad

If you have a favorite salad you think I should take to the ballpark, please put a link in the comments.  I think I need a few more to get through the season without repeats!

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