Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Ladder or Some Onions

Tater was worried when big brother got her hula hoop stuck in the tree.  She shouted for Daddy, "My hula hoop is stuck in the tree!  We're going to need a ladder...or some onions!"  She proceeded to munch a handful of green onions from the garden while Daddy got the ladder.

Tater loves to be barefoot.  It is always a struggle to keep her shoes on, especially if she sees a fellow barefoot child!  In the struggle to re-shoe her at a playground, I reminded her, "We wear shoes at the playground, because there could be sharp rocks..."  She quickly jumped in to add, "Or broken glass!  Or porcupines!"

When playing with a Lego Bionicle, Tater had him say,
"I am a snowman.  I use this pointy thing to poke dead things.  Like dead people, dead squirrels, and dead chipmunks."

Tater and the Nugget are very much alike in many ways.  In the car the other day, they were imagining aloud.
T:  I'm a baby enchilada, and you're a big brother enchilada.  You're a spicy, huge, big brother enchilada!
N:  Yes!  And I am so spicy, I can breathe fire!
I'm trying to encourage them to co-author a children's book over the summer.  Preferably about an enchilada family and not a terrifying snowman who pokes dead things, but I'll take what I can get.

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