Saturday, July 9, 2016

Spork, 5 years

Dear Spork,

I know my other two children almost inside and out.  You are a mysterious onion, and I am delighted each time a new layer is revealed to me.  I have always had to work harder for you, dig deeper, and for that I am a better person.  I listed some wonderful things I have discovered about you this year.

Love, Mommy

10. You see feelings in colors.  After eating salty popcorn at the ballpark, you shouted, "My lips are yellow, they are yellow!"  When I showed you in the mirror that they were not yellow, you shook your head and sighed, "They FEEL yellow, Mommy.  They hurt, they feel yellow. My lips are yellow."

9.  You love doing worksheets!  You will sit at the table with a Kumon book and attempt to do the whole thing in one sitting.  I'm not a fan of workbooks, but am happy to support your personal loves.

8.  T-ball makes you happy.  You are Mr. Team Sports.  Camaraderie, athletics, treat's pretty good stuff in your book.  I'm so lucky to be cheering you on from the stands!

7.  Check the meter.  You expect pretty much any fun experience to clock out at 2h, no matter how much fun you were previously having.  Come the 2h mark, "When we gonna go home?  I wanna leave noooowwww!"

6.  You love giving your sister piggyback rides.  You can open the garage door by yourself.  You are like a circus strong man!

5.  While your brother and sister love Top 40 hits, you are an 80's music fan all the way.  John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, and Journey make you rock out in the car.

4.  You love to have "brudder time" with the Nugget.  When he includes you, you are so proud and try your best to follow all the rules, no matter how ridiculous.

3.  You feign helplessness but you are really so smart and capable.  When we're watching, your clarion call is, "I caaaannn't!" but if we turn away, we see you accomplishing so much!  We are proud of you (but promise not to make eye contact about it).

2.  You and your guys are attached at the hip.  It doesn't really matter which guys, but I better make sure to pack all their accoutrements.  I accidentally put an Imaginext knight in my purse for you but when I pulled it out, you looked me in the eye and asked, "Where's his horse??"

1.  You want your space but not too much space.  I'm learning to stay a few yards away so you can show me something new but not so close that you feel I'm smothering you.  I've almost mastered your, "No kisses til bedtime," rule, but gosh that's a tough one with your still-delectable cheeks!  You want your siblings nearby but you don't want them to play with you unless you invite them.  It's a delicate dance, and we're all trying to figure out our moves.  As an extrovert, it's been helpful to me to learn how to step back and offer love through observation instead of participation.

Here's to 5 years, Spork!  We love you!

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