Saturday, July 9, 2016

Spork's Robot Party

Spork loves so many things that it was hard to narrow down a theme for his party this year.  Superheroes? Octonauts? Construction? Dinosaurs?  When I opened up his summer clothes bin, I found a forgotten brand new robot birthday t-shirt that Grammy had picked up for him on sale a long time ago - perfect!  Off to Pinterest to find the right combination of adorable and easy decorations and activities.  We actually hosted 2 parties this year, one at home for his birthfamily and one at my new preschool for his buddies.

Invitation - Shutterfly

Dryer vent wreath - inspired from Catch My Party

Art Bot - inspired by Hands On as We Grow. He's just a Solo cup with markers attached.  I turned on the Nugget's HexBugs and slipped them underneath to make him vibrate and spin.

Robot Party Hats - inspired by Handmade Charlotte.  Pre-cut paper shapes, glue sticks, metallic party hat pack from Target, and silver pipecleaners.

Favors - mini robot claws from Target's party section doubled as a game - pick up the foil balls!

Food for Kids' Party
Nuts and Bolts - Honey Nut Cheerios (Spork's favorite cereal) and mini stick pretzels
Microbytes - Fresh fruit skewers
Computer Chips - Cheez-Its, tortilla chips with homemade guac
Battery Cells - chicken nuggets
Refueling Station - lemonade, water, iced tea
I made wedge salads for the adults but won't do that again - too hard to cut with plastic flatware!

We sent everyone home with face painting, the robot arm, and a party blower served in a can robot (nuts for eyes, a paperclip for a mouth).

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