Monday, September 19, 2016

It feels lovely and you sound crazy

We are not lawn-care people, to put things mildly.  So when Tater spied a perfectly manicured lawn while out roller skating, it was probably akin to meeting a unicorn on the sidewalk.  "Look at this beautiful grass!" she exclaimed.  She knelt down to stroke it like a kitten.  "Ooo, it feels lovely."  Then she looked up and saw a large angel statue.  "What's that thing?  Is it a bird man?!"

One week at Mass, Tater was paying more attention to the consecration than her sticker book and asked, "What is happening right now?"  When I tried to explain that Jesus was becoming one with the bread and wine, she asked, "Jesus is in the bread?  I don't see him!"  I said it's not something you can see.  She exclaimed, "Jesus is invisible and he's going in the bread?!  You sound CRAZY!"  It does, actually, sound crazy.  The people behind us were laughing so hard and trying to keep quiet that they looked like they were going to choke.  I was really thankful that we weren't sitting by the super devout that week.

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