Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tater's Rollerskating Party

Tater celebrated with her friends at the roller rink this year.  The local rink is a bargain but sticklers about the time - 10 min to set up, 10 min to tear down, and that's it!  So I scaled back a bit on decor and the cutesy signs I usually do, and just focused on giving the kids a great time.  Found a cute sprinkles invitation on Shutterfly and used the colors from that plus the outfit Tater was wearing in the photo I added to use as a color palette for the party:  fuschia, turquoise, purple, and lime.

Applesauce, individually bagged popcorn, and chocolate milk boxes from Costco.  Fresh clementines, juice pouches, water bottles from Target.  Carryout pizzas from the joint closest to the rink - ordered online and picked up hot on the way there.  As a parent, it can be a bit stressful to guess whether a party around the dinner hour includes food, so on the invite, I added, "Eat, skate, and celebrate!"

Cupcakes from a box mix with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting.  I also brought a store-bought cheesecake for the adults, and we bought each child an ice cream novelty from the rink.  Tiny working pinwheel toppers and cupcake liners from Party City.

Birthday girl fueling up before hitting the rink.

 Adorable friends!

Making fairy wands - Spritz kits from Target on clearance this summer.  Watch those end caps for goodies!  I also painted faces - rainbows and cupcakes were the big hits today.

My one blooper turned out ok.  I thought I'd picked up enough polka dotted paper favor bags from Target, but alas, I was 2 short.  I used regular lunch bags that I always keep on hand for party emergencies and glittered some Dollar Tree clothespins to fancy them up.  Alphabet stickers spelled out the guest names.  Inside are skate passes so the kids can visit the rink again, a tiny jar of glitter putty (Tater's favorite busy bag item), and a Trader Joe's lollipop (free of artificial colors and HFCS and way cheaper than YumEarth).

It was a really fun, relatively easy party, which is really what you want in mid-December!

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