Monday, December 19, 2016

Woodworking with Beavs

So it's been awhile, but the long running joke is that Spork is a reincarnated beaver.  It all started, because he was round and roly-poly just like the beaver I used to love at the zoo.  He also made a whiny vocalization that was exactly the sound the beaver made.  Then we started seeing other similarities - the way he would buck and twist to get down...just like the beaver!  The way he was fascinated with sticks and logs!  The way he gnawed on his wooden crib rail and the windowsill!  He is round-cheeked, industrious, and strong.  Anyway, he did some renewed beavering this past month.

One day, he was furiously running from couch to doorway with loads of pillow and blankets.  He stacked them with great fervor and precision.  This is especially notable because Spork usually begs for help and feigns incompetence with most projects, but he was boldly and decisively working at great speed.  When asked what he was doing, he said, "I buildin' dis so nuffin' can get through here!"  "Like a dam?" I asked.  "Yeah!  It a dam."  It was indeed, a well-built dam.

We recently got out the nativity set, and while Tater and the Nugget made the types of comments you would expect:  "Ooo, I remember this!  There's a baby in here!"  "I think there's a donkey and a lantern that lights up."  Spork had a different focus:  "Oh, I love dis.  I chop wood, put it in a pile."  He was remembering background accessories - a woodpile with a tiny hole for a mouse, an ax and stump, presumably for chopping firewood.  He immediately hunted for the ax and went to work chopping the wood with exaggerated flair.  This kid keeps me laughing!

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