Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beware of flower girls

M:  I heard you are going to have a special St. Patrick's Day snack at school!  Maybe something green?
Tater:  I hope it's green vegetables!
Brothers:  (shocked and horrified silence)

The Nugget and Tater are playing stuffed animals together frequently.  I love eavesdropping.
Boo:  I always cry at weddings.
Tater:  Why?  Because they're always throwing flowers?
Boo:  No, I might be allergic to weddings.  My eyes just water, and I don't know why.
Tater:  Are you afraid of flower girls?

Nugget: I was invited to play music at a wedding.  There's just one problem - the wedding is in another dimension, and I'm not sure how to get there.

I showed the Nugget and Tater videos of Fiona the hippo.  Both were delighted with baby Fiona, and afterwards, I asked what they liked best.
N:  The way her ears flap!
T:  Her IV!

N:  I hope we can get a puppy soon.
Spork:  I don't want one.
Tater:  I only want one if it has good breath!

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