Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Baskets 2017

In case anyone else loves hearing about basket stuffers as much as I do!  This year the bunny seems to have hit United Art & Education first.

9yo Nugget
-Cat Paw - annoying but if you know the Nugget, this toy was made for him.
-Tinker Crate
-Mini cowboy hat for his many stuffed animals
-Water balloons
-Travel Mancala
-Mentos gum
-Pop Rocks

5yo Spork (he's so unimpressed in this photo because I'm making him wait to dive into the basket until Daddy can walk around the corner)
-Lego travel case with plate top (like this but much smaller)
-Toy Beaver
-Shrink Art Robot set from Target Dollar Spot
-Baseball Guy - not a hit because he expected there to be a whole team in the box
-Lego Mini Fig - for whatever reason, this single guy was acceptable
-Gear building set
-Conductor's hat and pin from our local train museum
-Imagine Ink Paw Patrol book (done before Mass started, so I guess it was a hit)

5yo Tater
-Toy Panda
-Stick on earrings, rings, and bracelets from Carter's clearance
-Animal stamper
-Do-a-Dot Book
-Dance leotard, tights, and umbrella for her doll
-Baby bottle pop (also annoying, but the stuff of Tater dreams)
-Imagine Ink Shopkins book

Everyone got an egg putty from the Dollar Spot, ring pop, Reese's pieces carrot, Reese's egg, Cadbury egg, and Annie's bunny fruit snacks.

The Nugget left this letter for the Easter Bunny along with 4 of the biggest carrots I've ever seen:
"Dear Easter Bunny,
I was hoping IF you do have magic to put 400 dollars in my basket.  If you don't have magic, it's fine.  Sincerely,
the Nugget"
P.S.  Sorry about the dog.  Please leave him something.

The Easter Bunny left him a note stating that it was against EB Code to leave large quantities of cash for children but that he was very proud of the Nugget for growing in kindness and responsibility this year, set out a squeak toy for the dog, and gnawed up most of the carrots.

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