Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The missing piece...found

Despite not getting a diagnosis, we've followed the rabbit hole as far as it goes and have been trying a new approach with Spork called Therapeutic Parenting.  It's really been a miracle, and we're so grateful for the positive changes we've seen in our relationship with him as well as his own personal growth since we've started.  Guys, dare I say it, I think we just snapped in his missing puzzle piece.  Just like some of the OT tools didn't feel natural nor instinctive when we first started, Therapeutic Parenting has been challenging and stretching.  I'm definitely a better mother and a better teacher for the experience.  We've also been working with a play therapist, and it's been a lovely supportive environment.  I wanted to share this video on Nonsense Chatter, which was our #1 issue and has basically been eliminated by this playful, gentle technique!  Hallelujah!

Spork now asks me to kiss and hug him, and not just at bedtime.  He is starting to trust that I'm not a complete idiot and that maybe, just maybe, I want the best for him.  He is giggly and cooperative most of the time (unless I pull a fast one and change the routine on him, like we did at Easter - oy!).  He's starting to complain about things that happened at school, which sounds annoying but is so welcome over the emotional shutdown we've been getting for years.  Empathy is beginning to sprout.

Our therapist also recommended this book, which is so helpful for understanding children, both special needs and neurotypical.

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