Friday, July 7, 2017

Spork, age 6

Dear Spork,

Happy 6th birthday!  It's been quite a year for us, hasn't it?!  We've located all the pieces that we were missing to your puzzle, and it's been a game changer.  You're getting to be more relaxed and confident in your own skin, and we are enjoying spending time with the real you.

You can tie your shoes, button your shirt, follow Lego directions mostly on your own, go on "big kid rides" at the fair, and you are starting to learn the fine art of sibling negotiation.  You had your first drop off playdate this month, and it went wonderfully!  You are strong enough to carry the clean laundry upstairs and love to set the table.  "What can I do?"

Your teacher told me last week, "I love all your kids so much!  That middle one - he's a character!"  Yes, you are!  Comedy, both intentional and unintentional, is your gift.  From spontaneous dances celebrating the joy of an unlimited buffet to very intense dramatic play scenarios typically involving lassos, your creativity is in overdrive.  You joyfully create very intricate drawings with fine tip markers, and you love to practice writing.  If I feed you the correct spellings, you can whip out a whole paragraph in a single sitting.

We worried that the introduction of a new dog would be hardest on you, but you sure surprised us!  You are calm and even-tempered with the puppy, are a big helper with his training and exercise, and truly enjoy your new little canine companion.  The animals in your life are definitely helping inspire the seeds of empathy in your heart lately.

We're both a little nervous and a lot excited about kindergarten this fall!  You're all signed up for choir and are continuing with horseback riding therapy.  We will try to get a little soccer in there too if my head can wrap around the chauffeuring nightmare.  A busy Beaver is a happy Beavs, after all!

We love you so much, thanks for being you!


Awesome Pronunciations by Spork:
Skaneeto bread....zucchini bread
Old MacDonald's....McDonald's
Dolt burger....Adult sized (not kids' menu) burger

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