Tater's Pineapple Pool Party

Like my third child's baby book, the blog is hobbling along, but I'll catch up someday, ha!

Anyway, said third child turned 6 a few weeks months ago, and here is a very tiny party post.

We used a local facility with an indoor pool.  No photos were allowed in the pool area, so there wasn't much photogenic about it.  I decided to use this invitation, which led to a pineapple theme.

Our favors were pineapples sporting sunglasses and leis.  They were the life of the party.  I found pineapple plates at Target.  I found pineapple thank you cards there too, but they seem to have been discontinued in the time it took me to get around to this blog post, ha!

The facility had covered the tables with red tablecloths, which I'm trying not to let bother me.  They did take complete care of the food (pizza, lemonade, ice cream) and actually banned us from bringing in anything except the cake, so that as a load off my shoulders.

The beautiful and delicious "rainbow cake" was the one thing that Tater had voiced desire for at her birthday party and was made by a fabulous local bakery, who agreed to make the edges completely devoid of food coloring so Spork would have plenty of cake too.  (For reasons why we're cutting out food dyes for Spork and are moving towards natural dyes for the whole family, read this.)

So that's it!  We enjoyed plenty of time with Tater and co in the pool.  Quite a few non-swimmers who needed lots of supervision made me probably too anxious to take this on again until kids are older, but it was a really fun, simple party.


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  2. Pineapple poll party looks outstanding. I am so pleased to have a look at these ideas and would love to incorporate these to my next birthday daughter’s next birthday. All of the colors are feast to the eyes. I also would be hosting the grand party for entire family and her kindergarten friends so need to reserve suitable venue NYC for that.


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