Monday, February 17, 2014

Talkative Twos

Taco = tickle
Sasses = sunglasses
Nilk = milk (reminds me of how the Nugget used to say nogurt for yogurt)
Zeeeper = zipper (Grandpa discovered may have encouraged this one, love it!)
Girl-la = gorilla
Tootle = turtle

Tater has been having a rough time settling down at night time lately.  Thankfully she's usually in good spirits, but she and the Nugget are going through another round of "night parties".  Last week, I went in to shush them and make sure the lights were out, and I noticed that she'd taken off her pajama bottoms. When I asked, "Where are your pants?" she responded, "I threw them," and pointed to the floor before collapsing in a fit of giggles.  She has since started a trend of stripping stark naked and laughing maniacally until she realizes she is cold and might have peed in a corner of the crib and then starts crying for pjs, only to repeat the chaos cycle.  Luckily, Daddy squelched it with a stroke of genius when he calmly stated, "If you're going to be naked, we need to take Hippo and Bonky out of the crib so they don't get wet."  A few minutes of tears, repeated over several nights, and I think the nudist trend is over (knock on wood).

Everything, according to Tater Tot, "Is pooping!"  Hand her a stuffed duck for example, and after a token hug, she immediately exclaims, "Duck is pooping!  Duck go potty."  She herself is beginning to have a bit of potty time success, though I don't think I'll be needing to buy new undies for anyone anytime soon if you get my drift.  Whatever the case, it's definitely the hot topic of conversation in this house.

In adoption news, the wait continues - we found out that Indy was missing a piece of paperwork (despite previously confirming to 2 case workers that they had everything they needed).  The paper went down there 2 weeks ago, and our poor CW knows that I am going to have a full-on nervous breakdown if we have to renew our license before finalization!

Nay = yes
Sippery = slippery (this is his new, "Is it hot?"  Now he asks before we go outside, "Is it sippery?!")
Tun tun = tunnel, but I think he's really trying to say time tunnel
Shoop = sure.  This one evolved from, "shoo," which was much closer to the word, but it's funnier this way.  Interesting that his affirmatives are hard to understand when his negatives are crystal clear!

Tater can speak Spork-ish fluently, by the way. Typically, she says yeah or yes, but I've noticed when she is engaged with Spork and he'll blurt out something that sounds like a question, she'll say, "Nay," and nod her head in the affirmative.

Both toddlers can now say several of their friends' names (M, G, and A), and they say them at appropriate times, which is adorable.  When we're walking past M's house, they'll call for him.  When we go to the mall (because we meet for stroller walks there), they look fervently for G&A.  They still mostly parallel play, but there are the beginnings of community forming, the occasional toy offered or goodbye hug given.  It is really fun and exciting to watch their friendships grow.

Spork is eager to try new foods.  He is a fairly adventurous eater and likes many of them, but every once in awhile, he'll meet something (typically a vegetable) he finds distasteful.  The Nugget would simply insist on its immediate removal from his plate.  Tater would either fling it or ignore it.  But Spork gets really theatrical about it, crumpling his face into a horrified grimace, holding it between his thumb and pointer finger at arm's length and crying, "Nooooo!" until I remove it from his fingers.  He won't be convinced that he can set it down himself, he'll just hold it crying and getting more and more upset at the offending food.

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